Agency profile - Mission and vision

The basis of our activity is working with information. In advocating the interests of our clients in relation to the state administration, local government and other organizations, we not only need to have good relationships with the key decisions makers, but must also demonstrate detailed knowledge of the environment in which we operate. For us, it is also essential to have sufficient understanding and a feeling for the problem with which our client addresses us.

In order for our chosen strategy to be successful, we carefully and continuously assess the client's current and long-term interest priorities. However, we always keep our sights focused on the result, i.e. the goal that the client wishes to achieve. In such a manner we are able to predict the obstacles which we shall encounter on the path to fulfilling the given task, and are thus prepared to cope with them.

In order to promote our client's interests it is not sufficient for us merely to know which arguments to present, as well as when and to whom. We seek solutions along several lines. The basis, however is always conscientious work with the arguments and information which the client entrusts to us, or which we obtain for the client.

We engage not only our brain but our heart, which is the MERIT of our activity. Afterwards, it depends only on the free judgment of relevant target groups, to what extent we have successfully managed to fulfill tasks defined by the clients and push ahead their interests.

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